He recognized the fact that other web design tools were unable to do much in the way of helping Internet marketers build SEO friendly sites that got decent conversions. Anybody working with Dreamweaver knows a lot of time is spent upfront in developing a webpage, especially if you’re just beginning and are not much of a techie. This is precisely what led Paul to design this software so that online marketers no longer had to jump through hoops when designing their web pages.

Automated Website Creation – The most important point of X SitePro 2 is that is incredibly user friendly and fully automates the process of generating premium quality websites on a moments notice. It doesn’t matter if you have no knowledge of HTML if you’re using X SitePro 2, but it always helps to know a few basics of coding. There are tons of Internet marketers who aren’t great with technology but desire to design websites and this software works well for them. Other than that, it indeed makes sense to spent a lower amount of time designing your site and a higher amount of time in increasing and developing your business. Generally speaking, automating the entire process of site construction will take much of the worry out of your business.

Hundreds of High Quality Site Templates – Website templates are always useful when it comes to designing a professional site, but searching them out or purchasing them individually could deplete your funds. When you buy X SitePro 2, you’ll get hundreds of templates that are built right into the software. In addition to that, you’ll get an extra tool called the X Header, which allows you an opportunity to speedily and simply design professional site headers. This simply means that you can fire your graphic designer and get the job done on your own at no cost.

Automated Internal Linking and Navigation – X SitePro 2 allots much energy to aiding you in getting a better ranking in the search engines. Internal linking is highly valued by the search engines and can you give you big boost if done right. When you build all your site’s web pages with X SitePro 2, it instantly makes the navigation menus and does a really good job at internally linking all the pages in an SEO friendly manner. And the most wonderful thing is you have every bit of control over the customization so that you can build your site according to your preferences. X SitePro 2 was built with a couple of things in mind: helping you increase your profits as well as giving you boosts in the search engine rankings with automatically built SEO sites. You are able to use X SitePro 2 however you want to: you can build your business however you like.

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