Have you ever heard about Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) tool? Well, it is one of the features of most pay per click (PPC) search engines like Google AdWords that allows you to dynamically put your selected keywords in your ad copy or landing pages so when people search that specific term, your ad will be displayed and targeted to a landing page where that keyword is shown, as well.

Basically, inserting this feature is not that difficult. Just put {keyword: } anywhere in your Ad Title, Description, Display URL and Destination URL. That´s it! You can also add some php coding into your Landing Page code and let your keywords be appeared dynamically on your destination page.

It would be wonderful, if you could manually create Ad Groups and match them with your selected Keywords, Ad Copies and Landing Pages. However, that would take a long time. So, most of the search engines like Google AdWords have decided to offer this option allowing their users to combine this feature with the power of relevancy.

In fact, if done properly, you can and should use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) tool in your pay per click advertising campaigns. Here are the reasons why you should do that:

You Will Achieve More Relevancy

By inserting this amazing feature, you would be able to make your landing page more relevant to your keywords and ad copy. It will help you get better Quality Score while your costs can be lowered.

You Can Customize Your Landing Page Content

If you use the Dynamic Keyword Insertion in a proper way and add the right code to your landing page, then you will have the ability to customize your landing page content and target it to your visitors. That way, your Conversion Rate and Return Of Investment (ROI) would be increased.

You Can Create & Match Unique Ads to Your Landing Pages

DKI will help you create unique ads and match them to your landing pages. So, not only your Click Through Rate (CTR) will be increased, but also you will get higher Conversion Rate.

You Will Be Able to Save Your Valuable Time

Creating specific ad groups based on each ad copy for every specific related keyword is not a quick task. Not to mention that the process of matching and targeting each ad group to the relevant landing page is also time-consuming specifically when you are handling with a large list of search keywords. Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool will help you use one template with huge volumes of search terms and save your precious time.

So, the secret key to creating successful pay per click campaigns is relevancy meaning that you provide your visitors with exactly what they are looking for. It is the reason behind creating Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool.

But sometimes, a problem may come up if you use the Search Engines DKI tool. You may see some misinterpretations such as appearing wrong search keywords in your advert. Unfortunately, it is the downside of using Search Engines Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool.

SpeedPPC offers, on the other hand, a better and more powerful DKI. It works great with major search engines and helps you insert your search terms exactly as you bid on it. If you want to know more about this amazing tool, read my full and honest review of SpeedPPC right now:


To Your Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi



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