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Welcome and thank you for visiting This is Hooshmand, the owner and author of the website and I guess you are wondering what is about and why it is called so.

Well, first off, I highly encourage you to check out the About page where you can read more about this blog and the owner itself. You will definitely get a better picture and realize the main philosophy behind the website.

As mentioned,, is an informative blog about earning money on the Internet. The main topic of the blog will not actually be about the basics of the process, which you can find it on millions of other web pages out there. The topic is going to be more specific and help its readership find better ways to increase their income and boost their earnings. Simply, it is not about earning, it is about Earning TOO Much!

Let´s say, you are an affiliate marketer and want to learn more on how you can earn more money in the affiliate marketing field. You have probably made some money online and now you are looking for more cash. On this blog, you won´t read what affiliate marketing means and how it works; instead, you will discover effective methods, great tips, helpful tricks and even more powerful secrets about affiliate marketing.

Or if you are, for example, going to find some hot niche markets on the Internet, this blog assumes that you know already what a niche market means and gives the straightforward guide on finding them or provides a helpful article about top ten hot niches for brainstorming purposes.

The bottom line is that this blog is not just a very simple web page providing the basics of making money online. It is going to reveal the high quality information in details on virtually any hot topic around earning money on the Internet, Internet marketing and online business. And finally, there is not a beginner behind this blog, just Google “Hooshmand Moslemi” and see what comes up!

Here are just a few examples that will be covered on this blog:

– Blogging

– Copywriting

– Business Ideas

– Business Advice

– Affiliate Marketing

– Article Marketing

– PPC Marketing

– E-Mail Marketing

– News & Reviews

– Online Auctions

and much much more….

I hope you will find it useful and take the most advantage of the content. Also, don´t forget to share your ideas and leave your comments on this blog. I really appreciate that!

To Your Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi



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