Using powerful phrases in your copywriting projects is an excellent and effective choice. Whether you are in the business of writing sales letters or just want to improve your skills in writing good ad copies, attractive web page headlines, or great e-mail subject lines, you need to use at least a few powerful words and phrases.

Here are some of the most eye-catching and powerful phrases that you may use for your copywriting projects:

1. How To

Believe or not, the most powerful and attractive phrase for any copywriting purpose is “How To” phrase. People are actually looking for solutions to their problems and are really interested in a guide that starts with such a great phrase. Most of the time, try to start your headline or subject with “How To” and complete it by the brief solution of what you are offering.

2. Do You?

Asking a question is one of the most amazing phrases particularly in your headlines or subject lines. You might mention the problem after this phrase. That way, you entice the reader to keep reading your copy in order to get the answer to that question. 

3. Special Offer

People love special offers and really want to know what you have on the table. If you use it at the very first positions on your sales page or even in the subject line, you will show the reader one of the benefits of your item.

4. 100%

Did you know that even numbers can make amazing effects in front of the eyes of your audience? 100% is a phrase that tells your reader something is complete in a way. It can be 100% FREE, 100% Original, 100% Guaranteed, etc.

5. Learn To

In fact, everyone likes instructions and education. So, if you use “Learn To” combined with the topic, it will definitely attract the attention of your readers. Here are some examples: “Learn To Play Piano”, “Learn To Invest Money”, “Learn To Speak French”.

6. Looking For?

It is another question-type phrase that really attracts the prospect´s eye. You continue this phrase with the topic that you know your audience are looking for. “Looking For a Job?”, “Looking For a Good Web Hosting Company?”, to name a few.

7. Tired Of?

Again, another question-type phrase that talks emotionally to the people about a serious problem or issue. Basically, it tells about a disappointed fact, and then right after that offers a solution. Here are some examples: “Tired Of Money Making Scams?” or “Tired Of Working For Others?”.

8. Who Else Wants?

As you see, question-type words and phrases have amazing effects in a headline or ad copy. Phrases such as “Who Else Wants To Earn $1000/Day?” or “Who Else Wants To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks?” are so powerful that a reader gets interested in the offer and even takes it.

9. Instant Results

As a nature of human being, people always wants instant results. They would like to achieve their goals as quick as possible. This phrase talks to that characteristic and has generated fantastic results.

10.  Act Now!

Believe it or not, nothing has more effect than call to action words. This phrase is one of them and entices the reader or visitor to take action right away. It does not matter if you use it in the headline or even at the bottom of the page close to the Order button, just use it!

Well, knowing the above-mentioned phrases is recommended for every one who wants to write attractive copies. But, always remember this point: Don´t ever lie or mislead! Nothing is more harmful than dishonesty. It hurts you, your audience and your business. Be honest and you will get credit.

In the next posts, I will show you more powerful words and phrases that you can use to improve the quality of your copy. So, stay tuned and get the latest posts and articles just by subscribing to my blog.       


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