Finding Hot Niche Markets: The Very First Step!

Whether you have created an established online business and looking for more income streams or trying to get started, the very first step is finding a powerful and profitable niche market. If you are going to create your own product (which is a pretty tough job) or begin with affiliate marketing, go and discover hot niches, markets that people are spending huge amount of money online.

Checking out the reliable Internet resources and trends will tell you exactly what the hot niche markets are and even helps you narrow down and find hot sub-niches, as well.

I am going to outline the top 5 hot niche markets on the Internet in 2008 that have potentially huge opportunities in their industries. Just browse this list, find an industry you are interested in and get started:

1. Dieting:

A Billion dollar industry that has been growing over the past few years with hungry people looking for solutions to their weight loss issues. You can target different sub-niches and micro-niches within this industry.

2. Dating:

If you are alone, then you are one of the millions of people looking for their “Right” partner in their lives. This is one of the great opportunities for smart marketers if you carefully find a sub-niche within this market. The term “dating” is too broad and you need to narrow it down until you discover a hot micro-niche.

3. Playing an Instrument:

Have a piano or a guitar? Want to learn how to play your instrument? If yes, you are one of the targeted people in the Education industry. Playing an instrument is a very high-demand topic and more people are coming online for learning purposes. It is a great market and have literally thousands of sub-niches and micro-niches.

4. Self Improvement:

A large piece of market belongs to people who want to improve themselves. Motivation, goal-setting, positive attitude, spirituality, success and innovation are just a few examples of sub-niches within this industry. As long as there are people looking for information and solution to their life important issues, this large market can potentially  be considered as a profitable niche market. Of course, you need to narrow down this market and discover micro-niches within “Self-Improvement” industry.

5. Quitting Bad Habits:

I can´t stress enough how important it is to find hungry crowd looking for solutions, and if they are suffering from a problem or a bad habit, they are desperately seeking for information on how to solve it. Targeting those people and providing them with the best solution is the secret key to success. Although this market can be classified under the “Self-Improvement” category, but I think it would be better to introduce it as a separate industry. People with addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling and over-spending are some of the potential customers within this market.

What To Do?!

First off, choose one of the above markets. Select the one that is close to your interests and passions. It would make the entire process much easier. Narrow down the chosen market until you find sub-niches and micro-niches that might be based on keywords and key phrases most people use in their queries.

Pick some of the most high-demand keywords with low-competition and start building your business upon those micro-niches. You can either create your own product targeting those micro-niches or begin with affiliate marketing.

Whatever you are going to do, don´t just start broad. Be more specific and try to attract highly-targeted prospects!

And finally, the above-mentioned markets are not obviously all the resolutions that people make. I can´t list all of them, because it would be more overwhelming and confusing. But, you can always check out the current trends and find the top hot niche markets within your desired industry.

With the help of Micro Niche Finder, you can uncover hot untapped niche markets that have been completely overlooked by your competitors. I personally use it and I have received great results.



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