Affiliate marketing can be very difficult to break into. And that’s because you have a lot of other affiliates to compete with. The challenge is to try and outdo other affiliates and think of ways to do a better job promoting. And the sea of information about this doesn’t make it any easier. Here’s one trick that almost no one else is using.

Affiliate videos

The power of video is undeniable. People love watching videos and that’s why they’re everywhere. It’s so much easier to keep people’s attention with video. So using it in your affiliate promotions is a no-brainer!

Examples of how to use video for affiliate marketing:

  • Record your testimonial
  • Record a walk-through
  • Record the order process
  • Do a preview video


This is probably the easiest of all. Just click record on your web cam and start talking. It does not need to be polished or pro. Seeing a real person on the other end helps your viewers make a buying decision. In truth, mistakes and mess-ups just make it more believable. You really can just click record and start talking. If you don’t want to be in front of the camera use one of the other methods.

Do a video walk-through

This technique works slightly more subconsciously. Make this more like a tutorial helping them use the product. And seeing it being used is a great way to make people want to buy it. As long as the product is good, the tutorial makes them want it. So pick some really helpful aspect of the product and show how to use that.


This one is killer! Record yourself placing an order. Watching you make a live purchase will inspire your viewer like nothing else. First, it’s social proof. People will feel more comfortable buying after seeing you do it. This also makes your viewers trust you. They are much more likely to take your advice to buy when you’ve taken it yourself. And finally, it creates envy. People want what they see you getting. You can add some extra punch to this by ending with: In order to get to see the inside, you gotta buy the product.

Sneak peak

This one is perfect for building up the value of what you’re promoting. What you do is record a tour of the back end. They get to see everything they’ll receive when they order. It also reduces the reservations of skeptics. Once they’ve seen the back-end, they know it’s real.

It’s easy!

No special skills are required. Anyone can create stunning videos with some easy-to-use software. All the work is done by the program. So you don’t have to worry about the technical part of this at all. Just focus on the benefits:

  • Make more money You will increase your affiliate sales when you start using videos. People love video, so please use them.
  • Reduce refunds You’ll lose less of the commission your earn. Your customers will know what they’re getting into ahead of time. So, very few of them will cancel their order.
  • Rise above the competition! Adding video is so simple. But pretty much no one does it. That puts you ahead of the pack.

Take your affiliate promotions to a higher level and getting started with this now. Not using video is detrimental to you business. So do it!


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