For those in network marketing or affiliate marketing, personal branding can help you succeed in building a successful business. The market will distinguish you from other people in the business.  Good business connections are established with customers with personal branding.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding adds your touch to the business. Personal branding is much more than a professional logo or a perfect tag line. It’s a means of sharing your expertise and your own set of values with your target market.

Country music superstar Hank Williams, Jr. is an excellent example of someone who has built his own brand.  The son of country music legend Hank Williams, Hank Jr’s music, dress and persona are radically different from what his father’s was.  You can see it in this music video.  One of the reasons Hank Williams, Jr. is probably more well known than his father was, is because he stepped out from under his father’s shadow by creating his own brand of country music, a brand that was unique from the existing body of singers at that time.  This has attracted to him a large and rabbidly loyal fan base.

Personal branding helps build rapport with your clients. A feeling of connection is formed leading to trust and confidence of your market to get what they need from you.

In a business environment where competition is plentiful, other marketers can steal your concept, your tools, and your system. There will also come a time when the patent for your product will expire. Or perhaps the Company with which you are associated may go out of business or do something radical to their policies, practices or compensation plan that no longer makes them a desirable business partner.  Personal branding bonds your identity with the goods or services that you sell.

With personal branding your fortunes are no longer tied to a particular product or company. If your customer base trusts you, they trust what you offer them.

Tips on Building your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is not a simple job. It does not come in a package nor is it achieved overnight.

Here are some recommendations to help you begin building your brand:

  • Set up your own blog – If you want to be seen as an authority in your niche, you ought to have a site devoted to it. You may also receive important feedback from your followers and potential clients.
  • Provide information online– You can write free ebooks or newsletters and give this to your list or potential clients. This can help you as an affiliate marketer in building trust with your market.
  • Publish write-ups in trade publications– Print is still a very powerful medium. People still get their ideas and business sources from magazines and journals. This will establish your authority in your field through this effort.
  • Give seminars and webinars– These presentations put the spotlight on you and are a good venue to show your expertise. You can also advocate your services or products during these events.

Network marketing and affiliate marketing are like standing in a crowded room where everybody’s wearing the same thing. It is a crowded business and people will have a hard time seeing you.  Personal branding attracts the attention of the market to you.  It helps you stand out from the crowd, and puts a spotlight on what you can give them.

If you’re ready to put your personal brand on a new business opportunity the sky is the limit.

If you apply these tips, they won’t turn you into another Hank Williams, Jr. but you’re likely to end up healthy, wealthy, and wise.


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