Do You Read Online Marketing Magazines On a Daily Basis?

Well, if you are one of those who need to increase his knowledge base and be informed of emerging marketing trends, then you need to read some high quality magazines in your industry.

Reading press releases and blogs may help you in this approach, but you should not overlook the power of some online published marketing magazines, as well.

When it comes to affiliate marketing magazines, it´s better to take advantage of those publications that have been created by super affiliates in the market. You need to listen to experts and use their knowledge and experience, not to ordinary people.

Using a high quality magazine is always great, but it may cost you some bucks. Sometimes, the quality of some FREE publications are too low that you don´t even bother to read them. So, not every FREE magazine is worth reading.

But, there are some exceptions. I know an amazing FREE magazine that has been available online for a while now. You don´t need to pay a single dime to view and read that publication. You don´t even need to subscribe and give your personal information in order to get access. You can always print or download the magazine at no cost.

Affiliate Classroom Magazine is my favorite affiliate marketing publication that I read on a daily basis. It is published every month by Anik Singal and a group of expert writers, columnists, editors and teachers in the Affiliate Classroom Community and shares the hottest information in the marketing industry.

Every now and then, I download an issue of this eMagazine and read a few great articles written by affiliates and marketers who speak from experience. It really provides a powerful and great content for its readership. I have personally learnt a lot of things such as how to increase my web traffic or how to boost my conversions and revenues and so on.  

If you need an amazing source of high quality information on marketing as a form of an online publication, then I highly recommend you to read Affiliate Classroom Magazine. At the moment, it is absolutely FREE and you can download or print any issue of the published magazines since December 2004.

Do you have your favorite affiliate marketing magazine online? Please, share it here and leave your valuable comments!


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