Want Other People To Promote Your Own Your Product?

Getting other list owners and successful marketers to promote your own product is not a simple task. You need to find interested people, form a successful joint venture with them and develop that relationship.

How To Develop a Successful JV Relationship

In order to succeed in this approach, you have to consider a couple of things before even looking for potential JVs. Here are some of them:

1. Increase the Quality of Your Product

To be honest with you, if the quality of your product is not remarkable, your JV partners won´t even bother reading and reviewing it. So, the first key to this strategy is to increase the quality of your product. Period! It should be unique and have something special to offer. Otherwise, forget it!

2. Get Your Product Ready

How would you be able to convince your JV partner to review and promote your product, if it is not ready yet? Spend more time and make it completely ready to sell. Wait until it is fully edited and ready to go! Your product and sale page should be like the final version.

3. Provide a Review Copy to Your JV Partner

Your JV partners should be able to have a look at the product, itself. Frankly, they want to know if it is worth promoting your product or not. Look! It is about their reputation, as well. So, be prepared to provide a review copy for them, FREE of charge. It will definitely develop a successful JV relationship.

4. Provide a Broad Range of Marketing Materials

Big list owners do not have enough time. They cannot just sit back and write some promotional materials for your products. If you want other people to market your products, then you should provide them with a large number of marketing tools and materials such as E-Mail Messages, Text Links, Banner Ads and Articles. That way, you will make the job much much easier for your JV partners.

5. Make Your Offers Outstanding & Clear

Your JV partners get bombarded with tons of promotional and joint venture offers each and every day. In fact, they don´t have enough time to get through every single e-mail and read the offers. So, your message should firstly be outstanding. You need to attract the attention and get the prospect to open your message. Use eye-catching, unique and powerful words and phrases.

On the other hand, your offer should be clear. You have to tell them what´s in it for them and what you can do for them. If you are going to pay commission, make it clear. If there are other products involved such as on-time offers and back-end offers, let them know. Your JV partner needs to know everything about your product and the offer.

6. Be Generous and Give Away Unexpectedly

This is one of the key secrets to Joint Venture approach. Be as generous as possible. Remember, you are going to build a relationship with successful marketers. You need to develop that relationship by giving away more than expectation. Offer more commissions, unadvertised bonuses, cool stuffs and other things whenever you can. Don´t focus on getting in the beginning!

7. Get In Touch With Your Partners

A successful JV partnership means a long term relationship. Don´t overlook the power of direct contact. Try to get in touch with your JV partners and let them to contact you, as well. This way, you will able to build your partnership more deeply.

Joint Venture partnership can bring you tons of profits if done properly. So, don´t ever ignore this opportunity. Whether you want to promote your own product or build and grow your E-Mail list, you need to develop a successful JV relationship. 


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