Getting people open up your e-mail messages and read them is the most vital thing every marketer is struggling for. Frankly, if your audience does not find your message and open it up, how would you be able to reach them and provide your offers? They can simply delete your message before they even take a look at it.

In order to take your e-mail marketing to the next level and make tons of profit through this amazing promotional method, you need to first increase your open rates. This is a crucial factor that is dependent on many elements. Here are some of the most effective tips that may help you boost your e-mail open rate:

Subject Line Related Tips:

1. Never ever try to actually sell your product or service in the subject line! Trust me, if your subject looks like a promotional headline, your audience will simply ignore it.

2. Don´t put too much information in the subject line! It does not encourage people to click on your subject to read more.

3. Personalize your subject line whenever it is necessary! But, don´t get me wrong! You are not going to use someone´s name just for the sake of using it. It can bring negative results.

4. Make your subject line sound conversational! Along with personalization, you can start a dialog with your prospect in your subject, in a way that you entice them to open up your message for more dialog.  

5. Generate curiosity in your subject line just by telling them what they will learn without revealing more content! You can write it like a bullet point.

6. Mention a benefit in your subject line without giving them the whole content! People loves benefits and they want to know what is in it for them in order to open up a message to read more information.

7. Ask a question in your subject line! It gets your readers to open up your e-mail to get the answer of that question.

8. Always, keep your subject line relevant! So, don´t expect your audience to open up a message from you about a topic they are not interested in!

While the above-mentioned tips are really effective for increasing your e-mail open rates, don´t try to use them all in one single subject line! It would bring negative results. You would want to only use some of them in each and every message.

Other Important Tips:

1. Send your message to your list in an appropriate time! Believe it or not, people response in different days, even in various hours a day is not the same. So, good timing is a key secret.

2. Try to be in touch with  your subscribers as frequently as possible! People normally seek for more information from active newsletters or list owners. But, don´t get me wrong! Sending way too many e-mails will lose the attraction power and people will get just tired of hearing from you.

3. Put all your efforts on providing useful and high quality content for your audience! That way, your subscribers are begging you to send them more e-mails and rush to their inbox to open up your messages.

4. Break down your subscribers into more specific groups! In this case, your list is not general anymore and you know and provide what your audience want. It will help you send relevant messages and get your audience open up your e-mails.

Like I said before, e-mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that can generate a lot of money, if done properly. I hope you will find the above-mentioned tips useful and be able to boost your e-mail open rate very quickly. I will cover more e-mail marketing tips in the next posts. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog today! And don´t forget to leave your comments here! I would love to hear from you.

Wish You the Best!

Hooshmand Moslemi


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