It is surprising that creating and managing an article directory is not seen more than it is. One possible reason is that maybe many assume that there is no room left for another article directory. You can create an article directory and use it solely for the benefit of other sites you own. With a little low powered thinking, it is not hard to think of plenty of other uses for an article directory that is getting traffic. How about creating niche article directories, or really a directory on any kind of theme of subject area. There are directories for professional publications, just to give one example out of many. You can use Article marketing to promote new product launches such as Dominating Video.

One important decision you will have to make is what the domain name will be, and it needs to be memorable and relevant. It will be worth your time to do the research for a great domain name. But it is not as terribly difficult if you take your time with it. Do not overlook the fact that you probably want the term “articles” also in the name. You do have options with niche directories because there is nothing stopping you from building many of them, and the traffic will add up. But do be sure that the keywords you choose will not be impossible to achieve rankings for in the serps.

Syndication is a good thing, and you can use that to your benefit for content in your directory. You want to avoid problems with using published content, so be sure to read the terms of service for publishing. Also, make sure you have your own articles in your directory so you can get them indexed by Google and Bing, first. You can find targeted content for your market and directory in other places to use. This is definitely an alternative you can use if you wanted to go that route. It is merely an approach to use in the early stages of your launch. You will find new products being launched all the time for example Dominating Video Review which will benefit from Article marketing.

As the owner and manager of your own article directory, you naturally have to market your site. Promoting your site using only free advertising is probably the best way to go, but there are very many ways you can do that. You should issue press releases to all the major press release distribution centers, too. But it is good to pay attention to what is going on. Backlinks – that is also what is happening when you promote your site using certain methods. So as you know that will also help you with your seo efforts. The state of affairs in late 2010 is that there are no excuses for not creating and managing an article directory of your very own. If you make up your mind to do it, the tools are available. Yet, as easy as it is to start, you will have to make some effort at turning it into a successful enterprise.

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