Getting your blog reviewed by other bloggers and publishers is a fairly new method of marketing your own blog and we can sometimes call it Word-Of-Mouth Marketing, Branding and Buzz Marketing.

The more bloggers and publishers talk about and review your weblog, the more traffic you will get and the better. And that traffic is somewhat targeted. In fact, those reviews will bring traffic to your blogs in 2 ways:

1. Direct Traffic: Visitors click through your links on other blogs and websites.

2. Indirect Traffic: Your search engine ranking will be increased because of the backlinks.

And all of them will end up a high quality traffic and great feedback from your audience which is vital for your business, blog or brand.

How To Get Your Blog Reviewed?

While there are literally tons of effective methods in this case, the best solution is to open an account on some advertising networks that allow you to match your offers with top-quality blogs and publishers and get them review your website by paying them a specific fee.

Here I am going to show you top 3 networks that provide a large community and marketplace for both Advertisers and Publishers (Bloggers). You, as an Advertiser, may register an account and can either browse the marketplace and purchase a review from a targeted blog or create an opportunity for Publishers and Bloggers to review your blog and website. Anyway, you have a great chance to get a buzz in your industry. Here are the programs:

1. PayPerPost

It is an amazing network for Advertisers and Bloggers where you can get paid to review other blogs, products and services or get your blog reviewed by other publishers. It is an IZEA company and offers an easy-to-use marketplace and application service.

I have personally been a member of PayPerPost as a Blogger and you know what, I have been able to earn some good money by reviewing other websites and I have directly got paid with my PayPal account. Bear in mind that there are some terms and conditions which you should always notice. On the whole, it is a great place for getting buzz online. Remember to register as an Advertiser!

2. ReviewMe

This is my second recommendation as a great network for both Bloggers and Advertisers, owned by the company called MediaWhiz. I have been a member for a while now as a Blogger. Currently, they are offering 3 various advertising products: 

A) Blog Marketplace Reviews: You just purchase a review of your website directly from a targeted blog.

B) Advertiser Offer Reviews: You create an opportunity for Bloggers, set the price and then get reviewed.

C) Advertorials: Browse and choose the blogs to run your message which you remain in full control over.

As you see, you have great opportunities for getting your blog reviewed by top Bloggers and Publishers. It may be a little bit costly, but if you choose the right blogs, you will get a lot of buzz, feedback and traffic. Again, sign up as an Advertiser!

3. SponsoredReviews

This is another popular network for both Bloggers and Advertisers. Like the other networks, it allows you to sponsor a Blogger to write a review about your product, service or blog. I have recently registered as a Blogger. So to be honest with you, I have not got a chance to review it more deeply. But I guess it is a reliable company, as well. Just go and create an account as an Advertiser. It is FREE.

So, the sky is your limit. Thanks to these powerful programs, you, as an Advertiser, have a great opportunity to get a lot of buzz, decent traffic and invaluable feedback which is vital for your blog, product or service. Go and give it a try. You will get shocked by the results.


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