This product is outdated and therefore NOT recommended by any more! Bonuses don’t apply either! (POST UPDATED: 06 November 2011)

The Facebook Payday Review

Yesterday, I got a copy of Facebook Payday and took a look at the entire package. Then, I decided to write an honest review on the product and let other people find out about this amazing program.

Facebook Payday is written by Peter Koning, the guy behind Affiliate Software Review and Affiliate Explosion, that has been online since the mid 80’s in the software, telecom, and IT industries. In the last 18 months he´s become more interested in Internet marketing specially in affiliate and viral platforms for merchants.

Facebook Payday product is the result of his marketing efforts from the most popular social network on the Internet, namely Facebook. In fact, there are a number of successful marketers like Mike Geary that make more than $40,000 a month just by placing some tiny ads on Facebook.

When I saw the sales page, I got firstly skeptic and was about to close the page. But suddenly, I noticed something interesting. “A guy from Colorado pulls $43,778 a month using Facebook”. Just out of curiosity, I decided to get a copy and see what the deal is.

Here is My Honest Review Of Facebook Payday:

First off, the full package of the product contains the following things:

1. The Facebook Payday Report: A complete 101-page E-Book that spells out the secret to marketing on Facebook. This manual instantly shows you the best way to use Facebook to start earning money fast.

2. Facebook Payday Audio Interviews: It is almost six hours of downloadable MP3s, interviews with regular people already making money; case studies you can follow to build your own business.

3. Facebook Payday Transcripts For Each Interview: It is about 181 pages of rock solid content you’ll be able to follow along while listening.

4. The Facebook Payday Action Worksheet System: A step-by-step manual you can follow for the quickest and most simple way to get started using the Facebook Payday secret.

5. A Ticket to a Live Teleseminar Event: A great opportunity along with the creator of Facebook Payday, Peter Koning, where amazing topics such as “Facebook Traffic Secrets” will be discussed.

6. Charter Membership In the Facebook Payday Group: Your membership is locked in at no extra charge, even though others may pay for it on a monthly basis in the future. This includes the latest research, and all the updates to reports that will be offered to new paid members.

7. The Lost Interview With Reed Floren: As a fast-action bonus, you will get the transcript of the review, a PDF file with amazing secrets from an expert.

Facebook Payday is a complete step-by-step program supported with in-depth reports and interviews sharing tips and tricks on making money from Facebook. I think it is the most comprehensive guide in this approach.

The main 101-page report is a PDF file revealing everything about Facebook. It starts from an overview on Facebook, the product background and how to use it in more detail about the entire process. It talks about different methods of making money on Facebook and explains each and every one in plain English.

It teaches you how to establish yourself on Facebook, how to market research and search for customers and how to promote your business on this powerful social network.

Facebook Payday is not a general E-Book talking about obvious things in the marketing world. Instead, it is a complete blueprint that discloses techniques many marketers don´t even know. Whether you’re a programmer, business person, student, affiliate marketer, or service provider, the Facebook Payday team believes that there’s always a money-making opportunity for you on Facebook.

The report talks about useful applications for businesses and how to moenitze them. It even teaches you the basics of making your own application and reveals some available tutorials and resources.

The interviews are goldmine of information. Tips and tricks from expert people on the most popular niches on the Internet. You can either download the audio files and listen to them or read the transcripts.

Finally, an action worksheet that helps you get started with the first steps towards your Facebook Payday laying out 5 action flowcharts, one general “Setup” plus 4 business models.

By the way, I got another gift in the member area that was an unadvertised bonus. That gift normally costs $47 itself, but I got it for FREE. Besides, there is one more FREE report; “13 Ways To Make Money From Facebook … for FREE” that is a Briefing on Facebook Payday. It is cool!

To be honest with you, Facebook Payday is really a valuable product. If you want to earn money from the top social network on the Internet, then this product is for you.

Of course, there is a limit to how detailed a blueprint can go. For example it won´t tell you how to type, or how to set up a blog. Every effort has been done to keep the blueprint to a level of detail that is relevant to Facebook activities.

While getting rich quick does not exist and no product can guarantee you that you will make a lot of money, Facebook Payday can be a helpful product about making money on Facebook. That said, the product is hopefully backed by a full 30-day money-back guarantee meaning that you can return the materials at any time in the next 30-days and your money will be refunded.

If you Buy Facebook Payday Here, You Will Get My Promised Bonuses, As Well!

Peter Koning, Facebook Payday founder has stated that he will be pushing up the price in the very close future, so don´t left behind! Your investment is 100% guaranteed.

Start Earning Money With Facebook Payday Secret Now!


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