Buying Traffic or Buying Profits?

If you are using PPC Marketing like Google AdWords as one of your main methods of getting traffic to your websites, chances are that you have so far paid a lot of money for advertising purposes. So, as you may know, buying traffic is not that hard. You can receive tons of visitors to your web pages in a matter of minutes. Getting Profits is too challenging.

But, Who Cares If You Get 10,000 of Visitors to Your Website?

Really, who cares, if you don´t make a single sale? If you can´t convert your visitors to customers, then you will lose money. The point of advertising is converting your audience to clients who take action such as buying something or joining a program. At that time, you will make profits and be able to keep up your advertising campaigns for getting more traffic.

So, the secret key to your marketing success is not buying traffic, it is buying profits and that means getting targeted visitors to your web pages that are ready to buy. In fact, they are in the last period of their “Purchase Cycle” and have “Commercial Intentions”.

Here are some of the tips that may help you gain more profits in your PPC Campaigns such as Google AdWords:

1. Bid On Specific Keywords

Don´t try to bid on broad and general keywords. It won´t bring you targeted traffic. Choose a high-traffic keyword and dig it deeper to find more long tail keywords and key phrases that are more specific and targeted.

2. Use Products and Services Name as Your Keywords

If you are marketing a particular product or service, the best keyword for bidding is the name of the product itself. If somebody types a specific product name, he or she is more likely to buy that product than somebody who just types a more general keyword.

3. Bid On Buying Keywords

Buying keywords are terms that people add to their search queries when they are looking for more information about a product. For example, if somebody is going to buy “Canon Digital Rebel XT”, chances are that he is adding a buying keyword to his search query like: “Purchase Canon Digital Rebel XT” or “Buy Canon Digital Rebel XT”. So, if you target such a visitor, your conversion rates will boost and you will definitely make tons of sales. Buying keywords are terms such as “Buy”, “Purchase”, “Order”, and “Shop For” and are highly-recommended.

4. Achieve Higher Click Through Rates (CTR)

Getting higher CTR has 2 advantages. More Clicks (Visitors) and Less Costs. Each of them can bring you more profits if done properly. Achieving higher CTR is something important that I will cover later in future posts and articles. But, in a nutshell, you need to implement these techniques to improve your CTR:

– Break down your Campaign into specific Ad Groups.

– Use only 5-15 highly-specific keywords in each Ad Group.

– Put your main keywords in your Ad Copy such as the Headline, Description and Display URL.

– Insert your main keywords in the Landing Page components such as the Title, Description, H1 Headline and so on.

5. Determine Your Break-Even Point & Maximum Cost Per Click

If you want to obtain more than 100% Return Of Investment (ROI), then your earnings should be more than your advertising costs. For Instance, if a product earns you $50 per sale and the Conversion Rate is 1% (1 out of every 100 people will buy the product), in order to obtain 100% ROI, you cannot spend more than $0.50 per click on average to achieve 100% ROI. So, for getting more profits, your maximum CPC should be less than $0.50 or your Conversion Rate must be higher than 1%.

You see, getting traffic, as I said before, is not the case. Now, with the help of great advertising programs such as AdWords, you can receive tons of traffic to your web pages right away. The point is how to convert that traffic into profits or how to monetize your traffic. So, buying profits is challenging.



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