This product is outdated and therefore NOT recommended by any more! Bonuses don’t apply either! (POST UPDATED: 06 November 2011)

Affiliate Gameplan, What’s that?

Affiliate Gameplan is a new product, created and launched in April 6th 2010 by Rob Benwell and Taylor Fletcher, two famous and successful Internet marketers. The product is actually a blueprint full of affiliate marketing strategies and tactics that teaches you how to crush the competition in any niche you decide to conquer.

Since I have recently got my hands to the review copy directly from the product owner, I am going to let you know very briefly about what “Affiliate Gameplan” is. However, I recommend you to check out the sales page as well and decide for yourself whether this is the right product for you or not.

Affiliate Gameplan Review

Here is my honest review about Affiliate Gameplan:

Affiliate Gameplan is based on a complete tutorial that walks you through the entire process of building a solid income with Internet marketing. It’s like a road map talking about steps such as setting an Affiliate Game Plan, being ready, aiming and firing.

The product comes along with a 10-part video tutorial plus a full PDF guide that lay out several modules and chapters about specific steps.

Chapter 1 – The Game Plan:

It talks about what Affiliate Game Plan is going to give you: an idea of how much money and traffic you will need to generate.

Chapter 2 – Ready:

Now that you have an idea how much income and traffic you need to generate, the next step is finding the right markets, offers, and keywords to reach your goals.

Chapter 3 – Aim:

It now teaches you how to put together what you have learned so far. Thins like domain registration, getting web hosting, site creation, adding necessary tools and plug-ins and much more.

Chapter 4 – Fire:

It covers the best traffic generation methods such as article marketing and Web 2.0 domination.

What I really like about Affiliate Gameplan is that it reveals so many useful resources which I personally did not even know about after 5 years being to Internet Marketing business. It also gives some crucial tips that every marketer needs to know before taking any action.

Affiliate Gameplan is perfect for new Internet marketers who want to start their online business because the product provides a detailed step-by-step guide with helpful tutorials. However, many intermediate and super marketers might find it as a general product. With that being said, there are still some parts that can even help and convince everyone even the top marketers.

And in case you are wondering if there is any valuable bonuses, I’ve got to tell you this: Although “Affiliate Gameplan” itself is a valuable product, you can get the following bonuses upon your purchase, too.

Affiliate Gameplan Bonuses

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