Every now and then, a new product about making money online is launched and you get bombarded by a lot of promotional e-mails from gurus begging you to buy that product. Finally, you click through and check out the sales page. Guess what? Bunch of hype and you will hopefully close the page. Unfortunately, most of the time, you keep reading and reading until you reach the bottom of the page where you will see a large Order button. And it is what usually happens: You Push the Order Button!

You pay the price and download the money making info product hoping you will get what the sales page had promised. You start reading from A to Z with enthusiasm and after a couple of minutes, you will get shocked. You have just bought another garbage product.

I am really sorry, but it is late. Not because of the money you have paid. In most cases, the product owner is offering a money back guarantee, but it is not the issue. The point is that you started dreaming while you read the sales page and the promises. You started thinking that only by buying that product, you too can make good money, become financially free, buy your dream car and house, travel worldwide and so on. Not only, it has not happened, you have lost your motivation and become totally disappointed.

Don´t worry! You are not alone. I feel you exactly and understand your situation. You are not the first or last person who experiences this problem and I bet you are really tired of such scams. That´s why I decided to write a post and warn you that you should stay away from 90% of the money making info products out there. Although the number 90 is not an official data from statistics, (don´t quote me, though), you consider that number too high.

Why You Should Stay Away From 90% of the Money Making Info Products?

There are a number of reasons why a money-making info product is garbage and you should stay away from them. Then the choice is yours and it is your own time and money that matters. So, next time, don´t be fooled by scammers! Here are the reasons:

1. The information is just outdated!

Who wants to buy a product and gets information that is old-fashioned and outdated? Most of the money making info products out there provide outdated information.

2. The Information is incorrect!

It gets more worse when the information is not correct. I have personally read some info products that give incorrect information and I´ve really got mad! 

3. The information is illegal!

This is the worst. You purchase a product claiming to teach you some effective methods. And when you are going to implement them, you will find them illegal. Some black hat methods that only make you and your business banned from the Internet.

4. The Information is copied!

Sometimes, I read e-books that are the exact copy of other works. They have not even changed the words order and the information is exactly the same that you can get from all over the Internet, for FREE. 

 5. The information is too general!

A few days ago, I was reading an e-book that was promised by the owner to be an ultimate guide for getting profits from AdWords. I read the whole book and trust me, it was just teaching me how to open an AdWords account. Ridiculous! I would expect more specific and to-the-point information.

6. The information is no secret!

That´s a little trick most of these scammers are using today. They start with attractive headlines such as  “give me 5 minutes and I show you a secret to earn 1000$/day” or “a little secret that made me thousands of dollars”, etc. Here are some of questions I would ask the product owner: 

A) Does it really take 5 minutes to reveal a secret that has made you tons of money?!!!!!

B) If that secret makes you a lot of cash, why would you want to share it with others?!!!!!

C) OK, let´s accept that your secret may work. But, will it still work for thousands of people when they buy your product and discover that method, as well?!!!!!

I mean these claims are really ridiculous. Honestly, I can´t tolerate such dishonest people that only want your money. I hope you won´t either.

While there are more reasons that you should really know before buying any money making info products, I ask you to leave your comments and messages here and share your ideas and opinions about such an important issue of today´s Internet marketing world.

And finally, don´t get me wrong! There are still some high-quality products and programs out there that will teach you the right basics and correct steps when it comes to earning money online or Internet marketing. I have personally read and used many of them, learnt a lot and implemented their techniques that have ultimately made me money. You will find out more in the next posts. So, stay tuned and subscribe to my blog today!

Wish you the Best!

Hooshmand Moslemi



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