Is Classified Advertising Still Effective?

This is a question many Internet marketers are asking all the time.  You may have heard that online classified advertising does not work any more and it would be a kind of wasting time. Besides, it would cause other issues such as spamming.

Well, it was quite a long time ago that online classified ads were offering their services for FREE. While it was a great opportunity for every marketer to promote his products or services, it had its own disadvantages, as well. Most of the members of those websites were advertisers, too and were not really interested in the ads. So, they simply ignored other advertisements. Other group of members were spammers and were browsing the classified ads just for collecting e-mail addresses.

That´s why many Internet marketers ignore this kind of online advertising. Of course, there are powerful resources like that offer classified advertising for FREE. But, most of the Internet marketers just overlook it because it is time-consuming and requires a lot of hard work.

But, you don´t need to be among those who underestimate the power of classified advertising. Thanks to the changes over the past few years, this method is still offering a good deal for your advertising efforts.

Just do it properly and you will soon realize how much money you could have left on the table. The following tips may help you run a more effective classified advertising campaign.

1. Find Specialized Classified Ad Websites!

While a more general classified ad site could be more popular, but the visitors are not highly targeted. If you place your ad on a more specialized website, then you will get e better response by the people who are practically looking for products to buy in that specific niche.

2. Pay To Have Your Ads Placed!

While FREE classified ad sites are the most popular ones and have a decent amount of traffic, it does not necessarily mean that the advertising is effective. Paying to have your ads placed on a classified ad site will make your promotions more professional. Besides, many websites feature your ad and place it on top of the other FREE ones which means more exposure and traffic to your offers.

3. List your Ad In an Appropriate Category!

Nothing is more ridiculous for people than seeing unrelated ads in a specific category. Spend more time on browsing the categories until you find the most relevant topic to your ads. You don´t want your advertisements to stand out to the wrong people.

4. Write Attention Grabbing Headlines!

The point of advertising is attracting the prospect´s attention. Your ad headline is the first element that people may see. Spend some time and write a killer headline that grabs the targeted people´s eyes. Don´t try to make a sale in the headline. Rather, make it outstanding and get the readers to click through your ad.

5. Don´t Try to Reveal Too Much Information!

Again, the goal of classified advertising is generating enough interests to sell the click, not sell the product. Don´t try to disclose too much information in your headline or description. There is not enough room for detail information. Refer your visitors to somewhere else like your website or your phone number where you can tell more about your product or service.

6. Avoid Misspellings or Abbreviations In Your Ad Copy!

Since some classified ad sites normally charge you for the number of your ad words, you have a limited space for announcing your message. With that being said, you should cut unnecessary words as much as possible. Use familiar words and abbreviations, but, don´t try to put some unusual abbreviations in your ad that most people may not know about. And also make sure you check your ad spelling. Misspellings have negative affects on your messages.

7. Don´t Use Automated Tools For Submitting Your Ads!

If you want to place your ads on as many FREE classified ads as possible, don´t try to use some automated tools for faster results. Trust me, it may make it easier for you, but high-quality classified ad sites may reject your submissions and many of them will finally ban you from their services. So, it is not worth trying. If you don´t have enough time, get someone else to do the job for you. 

When people visit classified ads, they have more commercial intentions, meaning that they are ready to buy something. That´s why how powerful online classified advertising is and you should take it into account, too. Many marketers don´t know about this fact and many ignore it. Now, you know it works and how it works if you know what to do. Next time, take the above-mentioned tips into consideration and implement them for an effective classified advertising.


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