Want to Boost Your Clickbank Commissions & Sales? Find a Hot Product!

Regardless of your affiliate marketing business model, you have to pick up high-converting products to promote. Just choose a wrong product and you will fail. So, selecting a hot product is too vital for your campaigns.

Clickbank is one of the top leaders among the existing affiliate networks and its fame is more importantly because of the availability and popularity of digital products. It has a huge marketplace full of various digital products and services on virtually any topic or category.

But, not all of those products are great. If you want to succeed online by promoting Clickbank products, you have to consider the following important features of a hot product, before you even check out the marketplace and browse the categories:

1. High Commissions:

This is the first feature I usually check out in the process of choosing a hot Clickbank product. Commission is based on the $Earned/Sale and according to Clickbank,  it is the average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale and it is impacted by refunds, charge backs and sales taxes. Normally, it is displayed as $/sale.

This score is measured in U.S. Dollars ($). At the first look, I try to overlook products with commissions under $15 U.S. Do you really think it would be worth it promoting a product with such a low commission? I don´t think so. Don´t bother yourself with tiny earnings!

Of course, your marketing method determines which products you can choose for good profit margins. If you are marketing through PPC, then it would be more vital to pick a product with hefty commissions. Even in free marketing method, you won´t want to waste your time and energy. So, select a product that pays of!

On the other hand, products with high commissions can have high prices. There are probably highly valuable products that really worth the price, but remember that you want to convert your audience to customers and one of the most important rules is offering something that is affordable. So, if you a pick a product with a very expensive price, then don´t expect high conversion rates. So, the product´s price should be reasonable and affordable. In most cases, I would go for the price less than $100 U.S.

2. High Gravity

Gravity is a score measured by Clickbank that reflects the number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the publisher’s products. Clickbank does not publish the formula for the score or the score itself. Rather, they provides only a weighted sum and they add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total for each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks. So, the more recent the last referral, the higher the value added. Normally, it is displayed as grav.

What Gravity could tell us is if a particular product has been sold well or not during the past few weeks. So, if you sort the products by the highest Gravity in a specific category or sub-category in Clickbank, you will get a better indication of what a hot product is. If a product has been sold well by marketing, chances are that you will be able to market that product, as well and receive good results.

Although Clickbank does not reveal the exact formula or score, but based on expert views and marketers´s experiences, a good product might have a Gravity more than 70. So, it is just an estimation, but it would be an important factor for picking up a Clickbank product to promote.

Sometimes, you may see a product with a very high Gravity. Normally, it means that there are a lot of people out there earning good money by promoting & selling that product. The good news is the power of that product itself which sells well. The bad news is that there are already tons of other people marketing that product at the same time which means the market is somewhat saturated and the competition is strong. So, you have to consider it, as well.

3. Low Competition:

Clickbank has another score called %refd (%Referred) which indicates a fraction of publisher’s total sales referred by affiliates. So, if a number is 85.0%, it means that 85 percent of the sales have been generated by affiliates. Well, this score does not exactly tell us how much competition there is, but, you can get a better picture of the strength of competition out there.

Honestly, there is not any specific number for this scale. So, if a referral percent is 99%, then it looks like it is only the affiliates who market the product and make sales. The merchant or vendor´s activity for marketing his own product is also important. Normally, I consider this feature on a parallel with Gravity in order to select a winning product. That´s why I prefer to monitor the product for a while and see how these features have been changed.

Always, check if a particular product has the above-mentioned features before promoting it. Gather the needed information and datas from Clickbank and other statistics resources.

CBengine is one of those statistics resources. They analyse the data and provide useful information that you need to make decision on whether or not to promote a particular product.


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