Facebook has recently become a giant in the world of Social Media. You can hardly find someone who has not heard about it yet. Although it was solely created for U.S. college students at the beginning, but now it is FREE for public and everyone is allowed to open an account and set up a profile.

If you want to know how popular Facebook is, and how fast it has been growing over the past years, just go to Alexa and check out the Traffic Ranking. At the moment, Facebook is one of the top 10 popular and high traffic websites over the world wide web.

What it means is a great opportunity for smart people, for those who want to earn a living online using one of the most powerful websites in social media.

Actually, there are tons of effective methods to earn money on Facebook, but what I´m going to reveal here is 2 amazing ways. Although, each of the following methods requires some special skills or conditions, but you can get the whole picture and then start working on one of them.

1. Earn Money Through Facebook Applications (Apps):

If you are a Facebook user, you definitely know what applications are. You may get invitations from your friends asking you to add a particular app or probably have added some to your profile. There are small programs created by developers that run on your account for special purposes. Some applications have been installed by thousands, even millions of people around the Facebook community.

Did you get the picture? You are probably wondering what´s in it for me? Well, if you are a developer or can hire someone who develops applications, then you have a great opportunity in front of your eyes. You see, there´s been hundreds of thousands of people that have installed a special application on their profiles. This is a great potential for money makers. But, in one condition…

Your application should attract a very large audience. If it does not get popularity, then there won´t be any potential profit for you. Only apps with large users have the opportunities to earn good money. So, you application should be unique and must be useful for users.

Always, put yourself in the shoes of Facebook users and ask yourself if you would personally added that application to your profile or not. You know, it is the power of viral marketing in Facebook. Once it attracts the public attention, it will be distributed like a virus all over this multi-million-member community.

But, Where is the Money?! How Can I Earn Cash From My Applications?

There are literally tons of methods to monetize your Facebook applications. You can either:

– sell your app for a very good price


– get sponsorships from merchants and companies

2. Earn Money By Promoting Stuffs Through Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads run on the user’s profile when they come to their page. It gives the opportunity to present your business or website on other people´s profiles. OK, so what? There are millions of other places for advertising purposes. Hey, what´s unique with Facebook Ads?

The most important feature of Facebook Ads that I really like is the Social Ads, giving you the power to advertise to tight demographics. So, instead of creating an ad and hoping that it reaches the right people, you can target it exactly to the audience you select.

Demographics such as age, gender, marital status and interests like movies, books and sports are some of the features that most smart advertisers and marketers want to find out. If you know your audience and their needs, you know what you can sell them. And the good news is that those demographics aren’t created by guessing or computer modeling, they’re defined by the users themselves.

If you create a Facebook Social Ad targeting specific audience, you will have better chances to succeed, whether you are selling your own stuffs or marketing as an affiliate. Just write a creative ad and refer it to your web page specially designed for your audience and see the results.

At the moment, Facebook is offering CPC and CPM. While the ad is running, you will get performance metrics and demographic data of who is involved with your ads and feedback on how to optimize your advertisements.

Facebook is a great place for advertisers and smart marketers. Don´t overlook the power of this wonderful network. Just choose from one of the above-mentioned methods, and start creating a profitable project. Yes, you too can earn money on Facebook.

And if you want to learn more, I highly recommend you to read one of my posts about Facebook Payday Review, introducing a new product that teaches you how to make money on Facebook.



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